Ace Spade Rally 2022 – Tail of the Dragon Run

Tail of the Dragon with 318 curves in 11 miles: America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road

Ace Spade Rally 2022 – #supercars #exoticcars

Our Rally family:
85 exotic cars | super cars | sports cars (limited)

Ace Spade Rally 2022 – #VIPwithUs

Indulge like a VIP

Ace Spade Rally 2022 – Exotic Car Venue

Experience the thrill!
Exotic Car Venue

Ace Spade Rally 2022 – #rallywithus #US129

Landmark Locations – Deals Gap

Ace Spade Rally 2022 – #AdventureWithUs

Epic routes  & twisty back roads of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee

Ace Spade Rally 2022 – Luxury Hotels

Be pampered like VIP


Ace Spade Rally 2022

Were back for 2022

Toronto (CAD start) or Salamanca (US Start) - Harrisburg - Roanoke - Pigeon Forge - Cincinnati - Columbus

5-days Adventure Rally with exciting and adrenaline-filled activities and rallying across Canada and the USA, bringing you an experience of a lifetime!

Rally With Us. Adventure With Us. VIP With Us

5 Checkpoints - 5 Cards + extra cards along the way
Who will get the best hand and be the Poker Run and Ace Spade Rally Champions?
Be it best Poker hand or best Poker face, you will have a blast in the Ace Spade Rally!

Some of the features of Ace Spade Rally 2022:
- Tail of the Dragon, Blue Ridge Parkway, other top 10 roads in the USA
- Fantastic / Epic Driving Roads
- Exotic Car Fan meets
- Luxury Resorts and Hotels
- VIP Rooftop or Outdoor party
- VIP Closing Nightclub Party

70+ exotics, luxury and sports cars (limited)
6 cities in Canada and USA
Fantastic routes & twisty roads and not just highways from point A to B
Online maps with waypoints and turn-by-turn navigation. Waypoints include gas stops & lunch stops. As a backup there are printed maps with waypoints.
JoinR so you can see where you are with respect the other rally teams and a backup map on JoinR
Online communication via Ace Spade Rally chats
Poker Run
Rally Car Decals
Ace Spade Rally, Poker Run and Joker prizes
Ace Spade swag
VIP Events
Exotic Cars and Coffee
Surprise events throughout the rally that we will not release until rally launch day

Adventure with us in the Ace Spade Rally and apply NOW to get the latest info!


To Contact Us, please email:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Who is Ace Spade Rally?
We are passionate car enthusiasts.
We are car guys and gals.
We love rolling hills & open roads.
We love adventures.
We are rally drivers.
Rally With Us.
Adventure With Us.
VIP With Us.

We are organizers of the largest exotic car/super car/sports car Owners group in the Greater Toronto Area. We are passionate about cars and people. We have organized many events in the last 8 years with SaturnsDrives with huge success, bringing out up to 40,000+ people.

This is our 8th year running and managing exotic car rallies across Canada and the U.S.A. The first 2yrs managing and running as BlackList Rally. We strive for excellence and provide our rally participants an experience of a lifetime!

Is the Ace Spade Rally a race?
No! Teams are not judged by who gets to each location the fastest, but which team will sail through challenges, have the greatest enthusiasm and win with the best Poker hand at the end of the Ace Spade Rally.

What is a Poker Run?
A Poker Run is an organized event where participants must visit five checkpoints throughout the Ace Spade Rally, drawing a playing card at each checkpoint. The objective is to have the best poker hand at the end of the Rally. There will be opportunities to earn extra playing cards through challenges during the Rally, and also based on Team Enthusiasm, Team Shenanigans, Best Costume of the Day and Best Team Spirit.

How does a team qualify?
We are looking for Exotics, Supercars, Super Sportcars, or super unique cars, at the sole discretion of the rally organizers. Feel free to make the case for your car.

What is included in the Ace Spade Rally Fee?
1 Ace Spade Rally car entry. 2 rally participants
5 days/4 nights of adrenaline-filled fun.
4 nights accommodations in Luxury Resorts and Boutique Hotels
VIP Nightclub Closing Ceremonies + drinks
Pre-rally launch events.
Plus other activities to be released.
Support vehicle for overflow of carry-on luggage.
Rally Car Decals.
Rally swag, rewards & trophies.
Printed rally maps, online rally navigation and access to Rally Apps.

What you need to cover, know and bring?
Gas for your Rally car.
Food and beverages throughout the rally ( unless otherwise provided by Ace Spade Rally )
Any upgrades to higher category hotel rooms. Room upgrades are available at additional cost charged to individual Rally participant.
Bring additional smartphones and tablets, if available, to load online maps, geo-locating App, chat App & Google maps.
Know how to play the best poker hand!

VIDEOS by Sunny Chahal of Xplicit Productionz

Ace Spade Rally 2019 – Pre Rally

Ace Spade Rally 2019 – Day 1

Ace Spade Rally 2019 – Day 2

Ace Spade Rally 2019 – Day 3

Ace Spade Rally 2019 – Day 4

Ace Spade Rally 2019 – Day 5

Ace Spade Rally 2019 – Track Day


Want to sponsor an exclusive event that gains hundreds of thousands of impressions and associates your brand with luxury and quality?
Partner with us. Rally with us. Adventure with us.
#partnerwithus #rallywithus #adventurewithus

For sponsorship info eMail us at

Logos on all Exotics, Supercars & Sportscar on Ace Spade Rally cars
Ace Spade Rally website
Ace Spade Rally communications to Rally participants
Ace Spade Rally banners, flags, rally handouts & maps
Ace Spade Rally Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Exposure at pre-Rally events

20,000+ car enthusiast along the Rally route
10,000+ Exotic car, Super car & Sports car owners in Ontario, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, West Virginia, Tail of the Dragon, & the Casino Resort Hotel
Total Exposure on Social Media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) 20k-2.4 Million followers on Ace Spade Rally participants accounts

50,000 – 70,000 racing fans during the IMSA Motorsport Race
100,000+ of people in Ottawa during the 150th Birthday of Canada
10,000+ car enthusiast along the Rally route
1,000+ Exotic car, Super car & Sports car owners in Ontario, Quebec & the USA
Total Exposure on Social Media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) 15k-1.8 Million followers on Ace Spade Rally participants accounts

Womens College Hospital Foundation – over $40k raised in support of the Orthopedic Surgery program, which specializes in treating both amateur and professional athletes for sports-related injuries. Our contribution helped WCH and its team of orthopedic surgeons continue getting Canada’s athletes back on track by advancing world-class care and surgical innovations.

Hand Over Hand – A non-profit community organization dedicated to fostering a community where people with disabilities will feel safe, accepted and supported through peer networks. As an organization it provides recreational programs for youth and young adults with autism & developmental disabilities in the York Region.


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Ace Spade Rally 2019 Video Footage from @DoctaM3 & @aaltomotive

Follow/Like/Subscribe @DoctaM3 at

Ace Spade Rally is an experience like no other. It is a time to have fun, but also a time to explore some limits of your car and yourself. The driving is constantly throwing different challenges at you. Whether it be coordinated driving with each other, high speeds in the rain, or top speeds on open roads, there will be something to discover about your car that you could not by yourself. All of our driving is done with the safest standards. We all know the difference between dangerous, and spirited driving, and would never put each other's safety at risk. The roads that Saturn and May choose are the best in North America, so it is safe to assume you will never get bored. Ace Spade Rally part 1 was a huge success. I cannot wait for part 2 and beyond! … Austin J.

Team 6ix

Team 6ix

“Having never been on any sort of rally before, I really didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for my first ever rally 2 years ago. However, having been with the Saturns Drives family since 2012, I knew that May and Saturn set a very high and professional standard for all their events, and any rally they organize would guarantee 100% to be fun! But little did I know the multi-day rally experience they put together is an experience of a lifetime … it was 100x better than I envisioned! The whole experience of meeting and bonding with your fellow rally drivers over a few days, travelling from city to city, going through twisties after twisties, hanging out and partying together was truly amazing. The routes were fantastic, the accommodations were first class and the support they provide made it worth every single penny. Without hesitation, I signed up again the following year and will definitely continue to support Ace Spade Rally in the years to come! I encourage everyone who is debating to just sign up. The only regret you’ll have is not going!” … Stephen S

Team GarageQueen

Team  GarageQueen

“As newcomers this year with Saturns Drives, Kathryn and I signed up for the Ace Spade Rally uncertain on what to expect. Little did we know that it would turn out to be the highlight of our year! From start to finish, May and Saturn ensured that we would have the greatest possible experience – the best cities to visit, the most delicious food to eat, the hottest night life venues, and of course the most beautiful routes to drive in tandem with the most exotic cars out there. Needless to say, it felt like a dream and we were speechless. We all came together from different parts of the world with a common passion and quickly formed into a big family. Rally veterans were quick to lead and show us newcomers what it takes to be part of a rally. We will never forget the experience we had, the people we met and the friendships that were made during our time on and off of the road. We will forever be part of this great family and cannot wait until the next adventure!” … Chris B

Team Buis

Team Buis

“I’m awake, excited and ready to get this day started! Our McLaren 650S has been Rally prepped … wrapped in a Gulf livery / Team Donut theme, rally stickers applied, magnetic mounts to hold a handful of phones and a couple two-way radios. Dash cam recorders and power has been routed to keep all the devices fully powered for the long days ahead. The real fun begins as we start to meet some of the people we have interacted with over the past several weeks in a group chat. Now trying to match faces and cars with names and online alias names. It’s a wet and rainy morning; but that doesn’t freak anyone out, this group drives and enjoys their cars and not just on the perfect days either. When 99% of the world heads out for a vacation, they usually dread the drive to get to their destination. A rally driver … well, the drive, the experiences and friendships made along the way … THAT is our vacation.” … Tony S.

Team Donut

Team Donut